Things to look out for when buying a laptop or notebook – The top 5 things we often see on TV

Have you ever been hunt, within an electronics store for a laptop that was good, and then approached by a sales man? Probably yes. Well, God forbid, we should not let such things occur. This article shows you the best 5 queries you must inquire a laptop salesman. Therefore, you never end up shelling out cash for features / notebook components you do not need. We saw this on the comcastentertainment television show where they talk about the subject in their article: ‘


1. What’s The CPU Inside?

One of the most fundamental questions that any notebook salesman must have the ability to reply is the CPU used by the laptop. These days, the minimum CPU configuration a laptop must have is the Intel Core 2 Duo chip, as you may know. Anything less than that, and we are looking at a (very likely) sub-standard laptop. And he better has an answer (laptop


2. How Much Memory Is There?

Another fundamental question is the amount of memory the laptop has. Today, most laptops have at least 1GB of RAM, and several have 2GB. This can be the minimum to run Microsoft Vista moderately well, so be sure you check out the quantity of memory available. Looking for more information on this topic? The Notebooksisters have made a great article called Notebook Kopen.


3. What Is the Display Size And Fat?

It is not easy to gauge the display size of a notebook sometimes. Be sure to ask the laptop salesman what the display size of the notebook is. Ordinarily, we need about 12-inches to 14-inches for a notebook that is decent. Gaming or Multimedia notebooks might have displayed as big as 17-inches. This is also discussed at the Laptop reviews pagina.


The fat of the notebook computer is another concern that is prime. Besides testing the heft of the devices out, make sure that you ask the sales man the weight of the laptop. Is it inclusive of the battery power or distinctive? Items like that should be clarified on the laptop site here and


4. What’re The Customization Options?

If you have special requirements that the out-of-the-box notebook cannot tackle, then ask the sales man about customization options. As an example, you may ask the salesman when it is not impossible so as to add an extra 2GB of RAM to the notebook. Does the notebook come with ports or a card reader if you’re into video enhancing? If you can’t affor this, check out the goedkope laptop kopen guide. Custom-made settings might have it, although possibly the fundamental notebook settings don’t have these.


5. What about the battery life?

I always purchase an extra battery for my notebook computers, if you’re like me. The thing is, you don’t need any access to a power socket and to perform out of juice when-you’re on the highway. So always seek advice from the salesman what exactly is the cost of an extra laptop battery. These can cost a fortune so that they can increase the overall cost of ownership of your device (more information about how laptops are being used in other industry, check out the drone website).

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